Ran Annim from the State of Chuuk, FSM

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Ran Annim from the State of Chuuk, FSM

Issue: #3 - December 2021
From our Islands


Destination Update

Summary of what Chuuk did in 2021(Tourism Wise)

  • Involve in all Clean up and Beautification Activities with other agencies and NGO [Promotion of Beautification in Chuuk]

  • Fully participated and involved in the COVID-19 Task Force in Chuuk

  • Continue engaging with all our Operators to fully understand their status with the pandemic and lock down

  • Updating our database with new information such as price, # of rooms and new services available from all our operators

  • Developed new collaterals for marketing with Tim Rock (USP Cards and Calendars)

  • Working with CVB Japan in creating Twitter account for Japan market

Plans for 2022…

  • To work with all our operators to identify and develop services for local and domestic tourist(s)

  • Contract professional photographer to have updated and beautiful pictures for our CVB archive to be used for promotion and marketing for social media and more.

  • Frequent and adequate updates and posts on all our digital marketing platforms

  • Working closely with our National Tourism Office to utilize the website for marketing our destination

  • Continue working with partnering agencies and stakeholders in creating more signature events to be used as promotion events for destination Chuuk

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Member Highlight

Sunrise Resto

Sunrise Resto is a family business that cater Filipino and Chinese Cuisine. The business started 2009. We cater private and government functions for seminars.

I'am pleased to share what our company Sunrise Resto by Gemvj Corporation have done since FSM closed it's boarder to international travel and in preparation for it's re- opening.

We are very thankful and fortunate that the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) , is COVID-19 free. As of July 16th, 2021, on wards. ( Office of the President of the Federated States of Micronesia, FB post, July 16, 2021).

As a foreign investor and to show our support to the leaders of FSM government, laws and policies related to COVID - 19. Our company had adopted the following measures of undertaking

  1. The impact of travel restriction.
    1. Experienced economic losses did to the imposed interventions a ban on returning overseas foreign workers/investors (OFW).
    2. Shortage of skilled workers.
    3. Lesser customers from visitors outside FSM.
  2. Preparation for it's re-opening.
    1. Used of available prevention and control measures.
    2. Adjusted the number of working hours of the staffs
    3. Attended local meetings ( Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce).
    4. On-line presence local or off- island zoom webinar.
    5. Followed Health Protocol s issued by Chuuk Public Health Services and the Task Force Of Chuuk.

Such as all staff and management are fully vaccinated. Proper sanitation in and out the business establishment. Practice Personal Hygeine. Encouraged customer to wear mask. Complied with social distancing and avoid public gatherings.
And lastly coordinate with Chuuk Public Health Services for any information/concern related to COVID-19.

Contact Person: Josefina Estepa
Telephone Number: 691 330-5862
Face Book page: Sunrise Resto
Email: [email protected]














We are staying connected with everyone via all our online platforms. Continue to send us your updates and we will be happy to share.

Your PR Team,
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